It is no longer news that the Wu Tang Clan sold the only copy of their last album titled “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin”  for $2M (approx. N500 Million) to a 32 year old millionaire ,Martin Shkreli is an entrepreneur and an infamous CEO with a networth of over $100 Million.

There are currently 10 Members of the Wu Tang Clan lead by RZA who is a pioneer member of the group and also an A-List Producer.

If such were to happen in Nigeria or even Africa as a continent I can only think of one Artist that would be worth my $2 Million (supposing I had $2 Million to my name ) .

My question to you ??

What Artist and which Album would you buy and keep all to yourself ?



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I am an Entrepreneur music producer with a keen interest in Web startups and digital surveillance.

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