Ice Prince & Stanley Enow – 'Yours' @stanleyenow @iceprincezamani
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Cameroonian musician Stanley Enows teams up with our very own Ice Prince Zamani in a cross boarder collabiration that is simply off the hook. Its good to know that Nigeria is not only uniting with her neighbours to fight terrorism but also to make awesome music.

Stanley Enow A.K.A The Bayangi boy is an international award winning artist and is also the first Cameroonian artist to win an Mtv Mama Award back in 2014. He is signed to his very own independent Record label known as Motherland Empire which has plans to organise a massive concert across Cameroon by March, billed to perform at this event is another one of Nigerian’s finest the startboy himself Wizkid.

This new single in question proves that there is no doubt that music can act as bridge between two nations, cultures, and ideologies. Enjoy this master piece dance hall track produced by Sammy Gyang.



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