Ewa Cole (real name – ) was born on the 26th of March, she is a Computer Science graduate from Babcock University .  Her new single titled ‘Till 18’  is her second official single following the release of her debut single, “Alone (Wale),”  released in 2015.


Ewa Cole

Ewa Cole

Ewa Cole, who had and lived far away from very few friends during the early days of her life, began writing stories and poems at the age of 11.  With no one to turn to, she sought her only friend, Music which she could relate with at all times. Music meant a lot to her and she had begun penning down personal life experiences, family and friends inclusive, including movies she watched and dreams she had (for those she could call back) – she has had quite a few singles over the years but she released her debut single in the year 2015 when she put out an awesome piece titled “Alone (Wale).”


Ewa Cole Ti

Ewa Cole

Her new single for 2016 “Till 18” was produced by eGAR_boi with mixing and mastering credits going to Midas Touch, she is currently unsigned but managed by PeaceVille Records.

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