Chinomso Uma popularly known by his stage name ‘New FELA’ is a Nigeria singer-songwriter born in Ogun State Nigeria. Due to the nature of his father job he grew up in several parts of the Nigeria including , Lagos, Abuja, Umuahia and even neighbouring Benin Republic .

Today however ‘New Fela’ Shuttles between  Austin, Texas and Lagos, Nigeria both cities he calls home while pursuing his dream of becoming a world class entertainer. His music can be simply defined as an offspring  of AfroPop, AfroBeat and AfroHiphop. It is easy to tell from his lyrics that he is connected to his African roots by the occasional dropping IGBO language punch lines.

New Fela is no doubt someone to keep an eye on because of his unique sound and thoughtful lyrics, his debute singles ‘New Fela’ and ‘Love Nwantintin’ produced by O.G.E are currently being mastered at Giant Beats and will be released before Christmas.

So keep your dail locked on for more music industry trends.




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