Canadian born Artist Drake shocked the whole world when he gave away $1M in his new video titled ‘Gods Plan’.  The money was originally the total budget for shooting the video but Drake had ‘other plans’.  He is seen handing out bundles of cash to unexpentent people in the streets of Florida.  DRAKE also gave out thousands of dollars in scholarships and in one particular scene he enter a busy Florida grocery shop and announced to shoppers that all their shopping was on him.

This now this leads us to the topic of this post ‘Which Nigerian Artist Will Emulate Drakes Generosity in ‘Gods Plan’ ? ‘  Top Nigerian musicians are known to borrow from A List American artist when it comes to fashion,  music video concepts ,  and in some cases even lifestyle. Who will be the first to Emulate this generosity ?  I would love to see an Olamide or Wizkid driving through his neighborhood with a duffel (or Ghana must go) bag filled with Naira bills paying peoples hospital bills,  school fees and so on. That would really get the streets talking.  I know that alot of Artist have given back to the society in one way or the other but I feel that this is a very creative and engaging way to do so, and not throwing cash in the air for by-standers to huddle and fight over like I have seem some artist do.

So let’s just wait and see what happens.  By the way if you have not seen Gods Plan by Drake get the link below.

go to YouTube and search Drake Gods Plan.



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