Katie Price has revealed that she wants to adopt an orphaned child from Nigeria.

The former glamour model revealed she has always wanted to adopt, and was inspired to her latest idea by speaking to a woman in a nail salon.

Price has complained that the rules around adoption in the UK make it difficult to take guardianship of a child.

Speaking on This Morning, she said that she was emerging from the shadow of a tumultuous year, and was looking to bring another child into her family.

Price said that while sitting in a nail salon she met a woman who ran an orphanage in Nigeria, and wanted to help.

The mother-of-five said: “I’ve always wanted to adopt a child. I don’t care if they have got disabilities. I feel I can offer a place.”

“The thing is, it’s easy to adopt abroad but it’s not easy to bring them back in the country.

“So now I’ve met this woman, hopefully something will happen. I still want my own kids, don’t get me wrong.

“I’d definitely have more. There are enough bedrooms in the house. I’m looking for a smaller house because it’s far too big for me and Harvey. Eleven bedrooms is too many to fill.”



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