Popular Nigerian singer, Dija, has taken to social media to bare her mind and call for a change in the country’s age of consent which is currently 11

Following the widely debated issue of child marriages in the country, the concerned singer recently took to her Instagram page with a screenshot post of a Google search query that she had probably conducted in a personal research on the subject. Her Google query read “age of consent in Nigeria”.

Dija had also accompanied the screenshot with a long note in which she had admitted that several sectors of the country had witnessed commendable growth in a short period of time. She however steered her conversation in the direction of other areas of personal concern, part of which, was the issue of the age of consent in the country.

Dija noted that she was not waging a war against gender, religion or the practices of tribes, but was instead, calling for the protection of the females in the nation. She had particularly referred to them as the ones who birth the nation. She concluded her post by adding that if children were exposed to physical and psychological abuse before they attain certain ages, it would in turn result in the future, to a case of adults who have to nurture and suppress memories of abuse.

She said: “Just going to drop this here and hear your thoughts …. We have come a long way, we have advanced beyond comprehension in a short amount of time, music, lifestyle, agriculture and are still growing. That being said there are some areas I believe needs more attention and this is one of them. There are many ways to go around this issue but the best one is to go through it… This isn’t a fight against religion, tribe, gender but a redirection of our energies and thought processes to protect the ones that birth your nation. If children become psychologically, physically and emotionally damaged before a certain age all you will have are adults with suppressed memories of abuse, which lead to psychological mind ware-fare.. #saveme”



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