Someday in the future, maybe it is going to be sooner than expected, Davido might be the first offspring of the Adeleke family in contemporary times, to become a state governor after a failed bid by his uncle Senator Ademola Adeleke.

Davido is one that has always been vocal when it comes to politics. His vibrant political moves started in full force when his uncle Senator Adeleke became a gubernatorial candidate for Osun state. The 2019 presidential election is coming up in about six days, and in light of this, the popular musician has passed across one or two messages to his fans and other celebrities.

The singer who recently just held a sold out concert in London started by bombarding his Twitter page with graphics and captions that urged Nigerians to defend their votes. His strong message was pushed by series of videos as well.

Upon seeing his active participation in ensuring February 16 favours Nigeria’s choice candidate, some people appeared to be ruffled by his vehement display due to the one fact they felt an entertainer of his calibre should not concern himself with politics.

This got to Davido, and on his Twitter and Instagram page, the celebrity took to addressing the issue. He blatantly stated that being an entertainer should not cause him to be less active in politics. In fact, the singer urged other celebrities to speak out as they had the power to effect change.

Even more, Davido told other entertainers and his fans to stand up for the truth even when this is accompanied by threats and oppositions. See his tweets below:

Several fans of the 26-year-old singer reacted in several ways to his strong protest for votes to be rightly defended. Many of them attempted to shut him down while others posed challenging questions to him.

In the midst of this, Davido let slip that he intended to be a governor at a point in his life. He really spoke at length to his fans and taunted them in his usual manner. See his banter with his fans below:

Again, Davido revealed what he felt was the next ploy of political parties to get Nigerians in their favour come February 16. See his tweet below:

This is coming days after the 2019 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party Atiku Abubakar took to endorsing Davido as the reigning king of music.



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