Seyi Law confirmed that a prank he recently pulled on Instagram has caused his wife Stacey Aletile, to feel embarrassed but he has apologized for the bad call. In the early hours of Sunday, he shared via his profile a confusing post that suggested that they have broken up.

He later published another which saw him confirm a deliberate attempt to share fake news. It seemed an effort to promote a show he plans to hold later in the year but now he is sorry for the extravagance.

He wrote,

“Human beings love bad news sha.
I have been promoting my shows since very few talks. Abegi, I dey UK for media rounds.
My wife and I are intact. Kai, people can’t even read between the lines. I said PATH WAY not part way. My Ex – wife, abeg which one.
Please help me spread this one like the fake news. I need to sell tickets. I am sorry the joke is too expensive.

He further apologized to his wife because his post had caused her so much embarrassment.

“I need to apologise to my wife who found the joke highly embarrassing and way out of line. Thanks for bearing my excesses. You are beautiful, kind and definitely the best of your type. God bless you abundantly. I appreciate you always. May God never give us a reason to part ways, but PATH many ways for the future generations to tread.” Seyi Law expressed in the new post.

Disappointed and trusting fans

Many profiles have believed the misleading IG post but one is particularly disappointed as Seyi Law’s reputation being a celebrity is brought to question.

“So Seyi Law has lost relevance to the point of going this low to trend?,” a profile @theslickguy asks in a tweet. The saddening feeling of another split involving a public figure also hovered in the mind of another observer.



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