Davido has revealed that he has been getting threats from some yet to be revealed quarters.

Davido says he is not bothered or moved by the threats that he has been receiving over the last few days.

The music star made this known via his Twitter page on Monday. n his short tweet, Davido announced that he has been getting threats, even though he did not disclose the identity of the people.

Davido’s tweet is coming less than 24 hours after he raised an alarm about plans of the government to arrest youths a few days to the elections.

Often times when Davido discusses his interest in politics, the PDP is usually the party he commends as having the right capacity to lead the country. This public admittance has encouraged suspicion concerning the involvement of the pop star in partisanship. A Twitter profile observed while commenting on Davido’s tweet warning about mass arrests without providing proof.

“They are planning to start arresting Youths as from next week for no reason be careful my people they know they are going to lose and they have a plan like always let’s stick together and let’s all be careful on these streets!!,” Davido shared in the post that made his followers insist on seeing an evidence.

The warning seemed an advise to young voters who are believed to be targeted in a bid to disenfranchise them. But the advocacy failed to impress Davido’s audience some of whom suspected that he was administering fear tactics.



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