Popular musician Davido was one of the voices that was very active during the periods before the 2019 elections. Not only did he urge fans to go out and vote, he also told them to defend the votes. However, up until elections were over, the singer did not show up to vote. This caused a lot of fans to agitate.

One of such fans took to calling out the 26-year-old musician for not voting despite having urged others to exercise their civil duties. The angry troll had quite a lot to say to the musician.

Although the tweep later deleted his post, Davido spotted it right on time. He took to replying the troll. In between his reply, he finally revealed why he did not vote.

According to him, the celebrity who was in South Africa all through the period of the elections rhetorically if February 23 was really the date of the election. In essence, he attributed the postponement of the election to be why he did not show up.

Even more, the singer went on to troll Nigerians who voted despite the shift in date. This he did by saying that, unlike others, he had a job to attend to.

Having given the reason for not voting, many Nigerians took sides as to whether supported his decision not to vote or whether they found it unreasonable.



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