It appears the copyright infringement drama between Mavin Records act Tiwa Savage and Nigerian singer Danny Young, is far from being over as a new development recently unfolded.

Danny Young, has filed a N200 million lawsuit against Tiwa Savage and Mavin Records for copyright infringement.

Danny Young’s lawyer, Creative Legal, is suing Tiwa Savage for alleged unlawful copyright of his 2009 single, Oju Tiwon, in her 2018 single, ‘One’.

The lawsuit (Suit No: FHC/L/CS/230/2019) was filed at the Federal High Court, Lagos, on February 13, 2019.

Danny Young called out the MTV Europe award winner for sampling a line from his 2009 song ‘Oju Ti Won’ on her latest track ‘One’ in November 2018.

In a video posted on his Instagram page at the time, the singer made an effort to show similarities between the two records.
But he was bashed by Tiwa’s fans who accused him of seeking attention.

The singer said he was forced to take legal action against his colleague because he was snubbed after reaching out to her.

Shortly after his outcry, the music video for the song was removed by social media platform, YouTube, following the filing of a copyright claim from a third party, Danny Young.

Interestingly, the video was restored on Sunday by YouTube. Tiwa made the announcement by sharing a statement by YouTube which described Danny Young’s petition as ‘unfounded’.

Explaining why the case had to be instituted in a statement on Sunday, Principal Attorney at Creative Legal, Justin Ige, said, “Piracy is bad enough, but it is perhaps worse when creative people appear to completely disrespect the intellectual property rights of fellow creatives. Such conduct should not be without due consequences”

He explained that Danny Young wants to set an example for people in the creative industry to recognise their rights even in its simplest form.

The statement partly read, “A lay man may not understand what we are fighting for as it is more technical than just the lyrics.

“Nigeria is a place where writers do not get credits from the artiste they wrote songs for because the artiste wants to get all the glory alone. Producers also do not know that they have a right to royalties even after being paid for the beat.

“If I contribute one word to your composition, I automatically have a right to credits as one of the writers. This is a world standard and anything less is unacceptable especially when coming from an artiste that has international exposure.”

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