Davido’s return to twitter exploded with fans expressing their delight at his resurface to the public eye. He expressed on his first post after disappearing that “All my Life I’ve put people before me… I think it’s time to actually live my life and take care of myself…I needed some cleansing to do”. Nigeria’s popular playboy didn’t mount the scene empty-handed. Davido’s return also signaled the release of his new single “FEM” on September 10th. The song has been tagged by fans as a dig thrown at Burna Boy.

The release of the new single was seen as a clap back at Burna Boy’s release of Twice as Tall as his songs “Way too big” and “Nor Fit Vex” are seen as indirect digs to Davido’s post of himself and Wizkid being the two greatest of all time.

According to the Pulse Ng, the fight between the two icons comes as a shock to many fans because Davido celebrated Burna’s Grammy nomination. The recent rivalry has created a rift between Nigerian music lovers while the neutrals are still dreaming of a collaboration between two them but for now, the world will have to settle for a battle of the African bands.



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