Daddy Freeze also is known as Mr. Clout Chaser, has made his way back to being the talk of the town. The ongoing saga between the controversial radio broadcaster and Nigerian pastors have taken an interesting turn. Daddy Freeze who is known for poking holes at the doctrinal practices of Nigerian churches has seen that his methods are a bit over the top; which is why he finally apologized.

The radio broadcaster released a video yesterday on twitter where he apologized for calling the founder of Winners Chapel “a bald-headed fowl” in a video he released 19 months ago.  He said, “I apologize for the delivery of my message and for any insult to Bishop David Oyedepo in that video as I didn’t intend to dishonor, disrespect, or disregard the person of the bishop”.

Daddy Freeze went on to point out that he has shed his old ways of addressing this quest against the Nigerian doctrinal system and believes he is taking a more “scriptural” approach to the matter at hand.

From facing threats from pastors to apologizing for slander, our man of controversy has had Nigerians glued to twitter wondering what will come next.



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