Daddy Freeze strikes again as the controversial radio broadcaster has been the talk of the town on Twitter. His saga with Nigerian pastors has taken a new twist were his clout-chasing comments have finally struck a nerve.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, founder of Salvation Ministries and popular televangelist issued an aggressive clap back at Daddy Freeze in response to the radio broadcasters recent comments indicating that Pastor David Oyedepo, founder of Winners chapel, misquoted the bible when he tried to defend his position suggesting that a wife must submit to her husband. 

This did not sit well with Pastor David Ibiyeomie as the televangelist took to the defense of his spiritual father. The man of God mounted his pulpit on Sunday, September 6th saying “I cannot be alive and you insult my father” calling Daddy Freeze “that bastard… does he even have a father…who is his father?”. These comments are simply a taste of the pastor’s frustration as his reaction was uploaded on twitter causing an outbreak among Nigerians.

The majority of comments were against the Pastor as his action was seen as an insult to what Christianity stands and painted the pastor as a bad role model to his members. An example of such comments is one made by @funshographix saying “Pastor Ibiyeomie is there cursing & threatening Daddy Freeze. I was expecting him to engage Freeze & prove him wrong logically. But he started acting like Agbero”

The pastor’s action gave Daddy Freeze more clout as the radio broadcaster’s recent actions have been compared to the Late Martin Luther King Jr who stood up to the doctrines of the pope and the catholic church.

Daddy Freeze brought a highly esteemed pastor to come down to his level of controversies. We can question the man’s actions but we cannot deny the fact that Pastor David Ibiyeomie failed to uphold the integrity of the church by keeping logic at the door.



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