Music makes our very small world go round. It has given us jobs, influenced our moods, and of course, brought us role models of the music world. chose to show the spotlight on the unsung heroes of music production. Today we interviewed Glory Edafe also known as Mix by My/Gy on d Beat. Glory Edafe is a Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, and Presenter. Glory has been in the music business for 6 years after graduating from the University of Benin.  The man from Delta took some time off from his studio to shed some light on what the life of a producer is like.

When asked what he does to keep his mind in the game, it was interesting to learn his keen attraction towards watching “mixing tutorials” as opposed to any other kind of content. He also said in the interview that  he  “reads lots of books on wisdom, inspiration, wealth creation and of course music(mixing) and listens to all genres of music.”

He also shared his daily routine with us in hopes to inspire the aspiring producers to follow suit. Stating that he begins his day with prayers, then hits the gym and spends the rest of his day in the studio, while taking some breaks in between. Glory likes to balance his work and playtime.  The delta man residing in Lagos made it quite clear that when he is away from the studio, he either reads, writes, chats, or rolls of his PlayStation for some gaming hours.

Like a lot of creatives, he also faces mental roadblocks. When asked how he deals with them, He said: “I just sit back, take some time and think thoroughly of a way out, pray, work, and hope I get results.”

When we went down memory lane, Glory shared the fact that he didn’t have the most supportive family when pursuing his passion. The music producer shared that his parents were not against his career choice but when they saw they couldn’t convince him to do otherwise; they had to accept and trust his decisions.

Glory finds inspiration when he listens to music by Dr. Dre, Timbaland Pheelz Mr. Producer, Sean Divine, Drake, Wizkid, Burna boy, Rema, and a number of icons in the music family. He would love a chance to work with them and make his dreams come true.

As an established producer Glory Edafe has done quite a few projects but two he is really proud of are “Fife Pami” by E-magic and “Playboy loving” by E magic and Jackmillz.

The man of music also added some words of wisdom for the upcoming generation. he said “my advice for up and coming producers is that they should be very humble and open to learning… they shouldn’t go into this game if it’s just for the money, it should be more about the passion. And again, they should know that talent is never enough, hard work, persistence and a great hunger to succeed is what works best.”





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