Kanye West just can’t stay out of the headlines. The faded rapper has recently sent a string of posts that have unsettled his adoring fans. To add to the public paranoia, Kanye sent a rather disturbing post on his twitter in which he wrote to his daughter “Northy”.

The rapper said “NORTHY I AM GOING TO WAR AND PUTTING MY LIFE ON THE LINE AND IF I AM MURDRED DON’T EVER LET WHITE MEDIA TELL YOU I WASN’T A GOOD MAN… WHEN PEOPLE THREATEN TO TAKE YOU OUT OF MY LIFE JUST KNOW I LOVE YOU” on his twitter page before deleting it. Although it was deleted, fans kept screenshots of the disturbing post adding to a growing worry on the artist’s mental health.

Kanye and his daughter North West

@jordansinstv said “Ye? Stay strong don’t let them kill you”. Another user wrote “He needs help y’all. Real Help. Stop feeding into this”

This week, Kanye’s recent posts have raised a number of eyebrows. From a post of the copyright contract, he has with Universal records to a picture of him urinating on one of his Grammy awards. Fans are convinced that the 43-year-old is skipping his medication.

Kanye first acknowledged his bipolar disorder in 2018, a condition that is highly associated with the extreme ends of mood swings but can be controlled with medication. Two months ago, the star admitted to his followers that he had been trying to divorce Kim for two years. His also alleged that she tried to lock him up

Kanye and Kim West

Kanye later apologized to Kim and his fans for the absurd statements and also promised to take his medication. Fans are more concerned about his family and how Kim is coping amidst this current dilemma. Kim also came on twitter to say she is supporting her husband. The situation is very tough as the model must muster courage in a situation where she is powerless.



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