Being evicted from the Big Brother house can never be an easy moment to swallow, especially when it’s the week before the grand finale. Ozoemena Chukwu also known as Ozo, was one of two housemates that were evicted on Sunday along with TrickyTee. The man from Imo state was popular for his infatuation with fellow housemate Nengi as he just couldn’t leave her side up until she swerved his attempt of a goodbye kiss on live television.

Nengi rejecting Ozo’s attempt to kiss her goodbye

Like every other housemate that gets evicted, the question is “what next”. The Big Brother show may seem glamorous but its rules create an atmosphere applicable to the survival of the fittest module. We’ve been so focused on what the stars do when they are in the house that we don’t wonder how they would cope after they leave the house. Ozo seems to have been taking his eviction very well as a picture was posted by Nigeria Fashionista, Noble Igwe, about him embracing his mother. A truly wonderful site.

Ozo embracing his mother

Ozo was also quick to address a rumor going round about Kiddwaya being a threat to his entanglement with Nengi. The former house mate told Ebuka earlier on Monday that he had warned Kidwaya on how his carefree attitude would be toxic to Nengi. The conversation between the housemates didn’t go up in flames as Kiddwaya replied with a word of advice for Ozo not to be blinded by his infatuation as to prevent a third strike after Ozo had already received a second for writing a letter to Nengi .

When asked about his next steps moving forward, Ozo alluded to his interest in sports administration development. He said he will definitely purse his career in that field.

Your story doesn’t end when you hit a pitfall, It ends when you stop trying to overcome that pitfall and the more to come moving forward.



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