Liz Anjorin is a Nigerian actress and producer who is very popular for her roles in Yoruba movies and her other passion as a gold and silver merchant.  The Nollywood actress, has reportedly found a new interest in marriage counseling. The gold and silver merchant, expressed her understanding of how she believes marriage is perceived by her religion Islam.

On September 23rd, the Nollywood star shared a post on her Instagram saying “Ladies be aware that in Islam nothing like HUSBAN SNATCHER…even as ordinary girlfriend to my Muslim brothers you’ve automatically become wife if you now officiate ur relationship with your nikai you don become authentic wife.”

Lizzy and Lawal on their wedding day

Rumor has it that the actress has become quite vocal about tying the knot after tying hers on July 16th 2020. Her husband Lawal Abdullateef, is a business man who recently spoke on the paradigm shift involved in marrying a star as he himself is now automatically a star.  His wife confirmed that he started moving around with security just to get some privacy. A feeling he will have to get used to.



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