The ongoing war between the  Special Anti-Robbery Squad ( SARS)and the Nigerian youth is finally swinging in the favor of the latter.  The force instated to address the increase in crime rates, have been adding fuel to the national fire. On Saturday the 3rd of October, the unit responsible for patrolling the streets of Lagos, were caught on camera as they were shown killing a young boy on the busy streets of eko. That was the last draw as #EndSARS was created as the label for an anti-SARS protest. It all seemed to be fallen on def ears until Nigerian artists came to the social media scene.

President Buhari chose the wrong time to be compassionate as his heartfelt tweet for Donald Trump on having the virus attracted the response of a lot of angry Nigerian youths. One them was popular artist Wizkid. The president’s comments were met with an interesting reply as star boy said “Donald Trump is not your business Old man! Police /Sarz still killing Nigerian youth on a daily! Do something! Face your Country”. Little did he know that his brave comments would spark a chain of events that would eventually get SARS banned from operations .

Firstly, Wizkid’s brave comments pulled other celebrities from the shadows to address the rampant cases of police brutality. He was followed by Falz the bad guy, Psquare, Uche Jombo, Don Jazzy, Olamide,  and many more who took to their twitter pages to address the recent actions carried out by SARS. This caught the attention of his Excellency Governor Sonwolu who came out to his own twitter page to say “The safety of our residents is my number one duty as the CSO of Lagos.”

Wizkid took initiative again to say “Mr. Governor! I met with you in December 2019! You expressed how proud you are of the entertainment industry and all we do. Please do something let’s be proud of you too abeg!”. These comments seemed to have shaken the federal hierarchy as a statement was released by the Inspector general of police Mohamed Adamu announcing that members of the SARS unit have been banned from carrying out routine stop and search checks.

Our Icons came to represent and we can only hope that all works out for the better of the youths in Nigeria.



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