Sanni Goriola also known as Lil Frosh is the current talk of the town and it’s not for the right reasons. The rapper is under Davido’s label DMV . Lil Frosh is allegedly guilty of domestic violence as photos of his girlfriend Gift Camille  were posted on twitter by her brother.

Earlier today, @Mayoks Michael released a statement on twitter exposing Lil Frosh for beating up his sister and client. According to the agent, LilFrosh has been physically abusing Gift since the 22nd of July. He said “On Monday 22nd of June @official_lyta team reached out to me wanting to use her for his musical video shoot but she kept on saying you didn’t like it not knowing you had beaten her to a pulp and she couldn’t face the world.”

This announcement was followed by a bundle of graphic photos to show the horrors of his sister’s experiences with Lil Frosh. Michael also called out Davido to witness the violent actions of his new prodigy.

Fans are happy that the matter has been brought to the public but the question remains; why didn’t the brother speak up earlier? He was willing to risk the life off his very own sister to protect Lil Frosh’s image. These actions are the reason women call men scum. When you are willing to sacrifice the life of your own sister for money, then there is a fundamental problem.  

Lil Frosh has no hit songs but he has followers that wish for his immediate arrest.



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