Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji, has comeback with another clapback at the Federal Government. The producer took to her twitter to call out the infamous Nigerian Federal Government to take up more imperative actions against members of the disbanded Special-Anti-Robbery-Squad. But with the introduction of the new Special Weapons and Tactics, the protesters feel that the Federal Government has played a fast one on them.

Genevieve Nnaji believes the Federal government should punish the members of the SARS by having them prosecuted before moving on to introduce a new unit. As it stands the situation sees the SARS a head of a snake that has been removed but SWAT represents the new one of the same corrupt standards that has grown it’s place. Genevieve took to her twitter page on the 14th of October, to say “We don’t believe you are listening when nobody has been dismissed, arrested and charged for the murder of innocent protesters and citizens.” The protesters in Lagos have taken both toll gates on the island to get their voices out.

She is one of many celebrities who have been active and supportive during the protests. Genevieve wrote an open letter earlier this month on her twitter page to President Buhari; asking him to take action against SARS. The Nollywood producer has made it her responsibility to give the Nigerian youths the best fighting chance for the protest.



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