The #EndSars protest has taken a new turn in proceedings. A number of states have decided to give into some demands of the protesters. On Saturday, the 17th of October, an announcement was made that a Judicial Panel of Enquiry has been established in Lagos, Kaduna, Ekiti and Delta respectively.

This caught the attention of Folarin Falana also known as Falz Bahd Guy. The artist believes it’s a step in the right direction but it could also be a ruse. The popular rapper went on his Instagram page to educate his fans on why the state panel is very important. He added that the panel will collate the evidence presented by victims and decide whether or not the state should prosecute the various officers. He said “don’t let any governor come and tell you that they cannot prosecute.” Using his degree in Law, he confirmed that all offences committed by SARS are within the jurisdiction of the state.

Watch the video posted by Falz

Falz used the video to advice all states to elect a youth representative that will liaise between the panel and the protesters. He also added that the process should be projected live in order to promote transparency. Falz has left himself out of the list of possible nominees as the artist said “I would rather be apart of the framework for choosing these representatives so that they are accountable to us….. Lets get justice”



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