Jude Abaga popularly known as MI Abaga, is looking for a strange man. The recording artist took to his twitter page in search of a pedophile who approached his 15-year-old niece. He announced that his niece told the pedophile that she is 15 years old and clearly under age but the man said “your mum doesn’t need to know.”

MI indicated that he was shaking with anger after hearing what his niece said as he added “I am shaking right now!!!!!!!! If I catch you sir!!!!!! Woooooosaaaah”

The hip-hop artist went on to commend his niece for the way she handled the situation. The 15 year old had the presence of mind to take video recording of the pedophile as he made his advances.

He also urges all parents to equip their kids with this information to protect them from such predators.



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