The #EndSars protest seemed to be hitting the right tunes in the ears of the Nigerian government. Politicians all around Nigerians were beginning to show their support or so it seemed. An organized riot was planted in the mist of the protests as thugs came out to unsettle unsuspecting civilians and violence broke out. This drew the attention of the Lagos state Governor BabaJide Sonwolu who issued a 24hr curfew that began at 4pm today.

As expected, protesters at the Lagos Island toll gates stayed put. They were shocked as the unit dispatched to usher them back to their homes were the army. In the spirit of the peaceful protest, the protesters went down on their knees but that only invited soldiers to open fire rendering a number of youths dead or injured.

Nollywood actress, Ufuoma Mcdermott, posted a video on her Instagram page where she wept uncontrollably at the sound of gun shots. She said “The police are shooting at the protesters… some one has died… please tag and repost this video.”

These are uncertain times. stay safe



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