The former Plantashun Boyz are at it again. After settling their feud in court, the two have found a reason to bring their baggage to twitter. The two veteran Nigerian musicians had a clash of ideals regarding the current #EndSars protests.

Innocent Idibia also known as 2 Baba took to his twitter page to express his dissatisfaction at the idea of people still going to work amidst the current protest. He said “I wonder why everybody is still going to work. We need total shutdown until this politicians start to answer!! Unless them wan use sars come pursue us go work.”

Black Face replied 2baba’s post by insulting his former band mate and questioning his competence. He said “When e bad pass like this under PDP you no talk say make them close our country down, you been dey sing say you dey feel like Obasanjo…because you dey under their payroll abi wetin ? My guy this your point no valid,I no believe say you reason before you talk am.”

This further called the attention of their respective fans who urged them to put their pettiness aside for the sake of the protest.

Apparently, 2baba and Blackface have been butting heads for a while now. We all thought they had buried the hatchet on Wednesday the 27th of November; where 2baba withdrew his 50 million defamation lawsuit and signed a contract that will allow Blackface to attain royalties.

There seems to be more to their relationship than meets the eye.



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