Mark the name Dennis Nanpan Yamtu. The up and coming artist is making waves on the music scene. Dennis is known professionally as “Young Face”. .

The young song writer and composer released his first EP “The Young Face Experience” on the 1st of November 2020. The EP has 5 banging songs with wicked instrumentals. The 5 songs are :

Wayo Love: A love song Dennis uses to criticize girls who tend to play with their guy’s feelings. And they say men are scums. The song incorporates Afro beats with a dash of R& B.

Wayo Love (260 downloads)

1960: Young Face explores social commentary to share his thoughts on corruption and how it stems from the core of Nigerians. The song has a ‘Fela Esque’ touch as it incorporates classical Afrobeats.

1960 (176 downloads)

Make Am: This soft track shows Young Face telling his fans of his rise as an artiste and that it’s time for him to make his mark.

Make Am (189 downloads)

Money: A follow up from “Make Am”, Money tells us that he doesn’t just want to make his mark but to make the hard cash as well. You can’t lie to yourself and chase passion alone.

Money (182 downloads)

Up to Something: Young Face adds some jara to the list. Up to Something is his saucy club banger that can literally spark life into any room.

All songs were produced by Giant Beats studios. The EP is already on major streaming platforms. Click the links below to listen and enjoy.



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