2021 is looking like the year of motivational speakers. A lot of social media influencers have taken it upon themselves to advice their fans. In this case we have a reversal of roles as a fan has chosen to give marriage advice to one of his favorite celebrities.

Sources have Identified our mystery fan as Daniel Regha. He took to his twitter page on Tuesday the 5th of January, asking Davido to finally get married to his fiancé Chioma.

Daniel wrote

@davido I don’t mean to impose, how u live ur life is ur personal choice but I think the best thing u can do in 2021 is fulfilling ur 2019 statement by getting married to Chioma; The love & money is there so I don’t see what’s the hold up. All the same I wish u the best in 2021.”

Daniel’s comments are bold but they are questions that everyone wants to know. How long will the Davido and Chioma romance saga go on for? He proposed to her back in 2019 and they have known each other for 10 years+.

We can only wait an see how this chapter unfolds for only when a story is read then we can all it told.

A blast from the past to take us down memory lane



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