It’s not news that reality Tv star, Tacha has been making noise on her social media platform. American female rapper, Nicki Minaj followed her on Instagram. On Wednesday, the 6th of January, she posted a video telling her fans she is on a different level now. She said “Nicki!!!!!! I’m not your mate.”

Although her many supporters are proud of her, she has also gotten negative comments. Media Personality, Shade Ladipo did not see the big deal and took to her Instagram story to throw shades at the reality tv star.

This has broken into an all out war between the two on social because we all know Tacha’s Worri spirit won’t allow her take that kind of nonsense. She immediately replied on her instagram story asking Shade to “act her age”

We can only sit back and watch the two go all the way with their new found beef. 2021, the year of motivational speakers and social media fighters.



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