Veteran actress, Omotola Jalade was recently dragged into a conversation on wealth.

This comes after the Chief Executive Officer of Space x, Elon Musk was announced as the world’s richest man. Nigerian twitter users were more concerned about his religious affiliations. Apparently, Musk is an atheist.

Omotola put out some words of inspiration on twitter saying

Success is not measured by Money ALONE. You can be the richest in the world and have No joy , purpose or fulfillment … be empty. Why not do all? Be innovative, spiritual and make your money… very possible

Omotola’s words were met with hostility as @Ben X replied the screen goddess saying

“Elon Musk, an atheist, just became the richest man in the world. No tithes, no offerings, no breakthrough seeds, just innovation. If you like still drop your January salary as first-fruit seed.”

Other users had more to say on the matter.

What do you think ? Can money buy happiness?



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