Celebrities are the role models we look to more often than not to influence our lifestyle. We emulate their ideals, life choices and fashion sense. Entertainers face public criticism in all aspects.

One celebrity who has come under a lot of criticism is Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola also know as Dj Cuppy. The popular Disc Jokey was recently slammed for her lack of fashion sense.

Uncle Prince indicated that the music producer can’t dress. To add insult to injury, Kawun Kowa said “She likes dressing like a f***ing Teletubby.” The Jollof on the Jet crooner waisted no time in putting these men in their place. She replied saying ” A rich teletubbie” to establish the difference in class.

Dj Cuppy who recently had an article published on the Forbes’ magazine’s official blog. She is recognized as one of Africa’s up and coming Philanthropists.

Soucy Cuppy making mama Africa proud.



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