Dennis Yamtu also known as Young Face, wants 2021 to be memorable for him and his fan. The rising star had an interview with Naija Beats Bloggers on Wednesday the 20th of January.

Young Face fans have a lot to look forward to in 2021. When asked if fans should be expecting an album? Dennis said “Sure you should expect an album in 2021 since I’ve started recording great sounds that will blow the minds of people.”

He also added that he will be releasing a single. According to him, it’s a love song for all the love birds out there and will be released on Valentine’s day. The song is ready for release as he is still working on his album.

We rounded up the interview by asking the young artist about his aims for 2021. He said ” Ultimately, I intend to take my music career to another level by creating a different sound that will add meaning and value to so many souls. However, I’m highly optimistic about 2021. Therefore people should expect greatness coming from Young Face. More so, unlocking my passion make money has always been my desire. Apparently, I’m ready to take my position in music industry.”

Watch for Young Face reloaded in 2021. A man with a dream and the heart to get it. Young Face released his album “Young Face experience” back in 2020. if you want to learn more about it click the link below

Young Face



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