Olorunyomi Oloruntimilehin took 2020 by storm. The man we all know as Bad Boy Timz, was arguably the breakout star of the year. BBT had a lot to say to his fans in an interview with Audio Mack world.

The popular streaming site had a sit down with the starlet on Monday, the 25th of January. In the interview, BBT spoke a lot on coping with the demands of being a musician.

When asked How does it feel to have created some of the biggest Afrobeats songs of 2020? The 24 year old replied saying “The feeling is amazing; I won’t lie. I know I have to put in more work now that I have recognition. I’m doing three times more than I used to do before. I’m going to shows, I have to keep recording, and all that. It’s really overwhelming. I’m happy, I’m excited, and I know I’ll drop more songs this year that will make a statement.”

He was also asked How do you handle people’s expectations of you as a breakout star? He replied saying “the pressure is there ‘cause there are a lot of breakout artists. Some other artists will still break out this year, so I don’t necessarily listen to, “Oh, these people are dropping music today, what are we gonna drop?” Nah, man, that’s the beginning of the problem. Just maintain your energy, drop your music. I’m not under pressure at all. I’m just working towards my project, and once I’m done with the project, I move.”

From the interview, we also learn that Bad Boy Timz takes after his father who was part of a Tungba band. BBT reflects on how he would carry a polythene bag to pick up all the money that was sprayed on them. However, His Dad is an accountant and insisted that BBT finish his degree before doing other things. The song writer describes his father as the “you have to finish your school” type. This didn’t discourage him because in his second year, His father found out he was recording music and chose to support his boy.

His father support has been instrumental in getting the artist recognized. In 2020, Bad Boy Tims worked with heavy hitters like Mayorkun and Olamide.

The mayor of Lagos was taken away by BBT’s hit single MJ. The two went on to produce the remix.

listen to MJ

Olamide also caught wind of the young stars talent and was ready to produce Loading .

Listen to Loading

Finally, the singer said “In 2021, Bad Boy Timz will be dropping his album titled Birth of a New King, ‘cause he’s the new wave, he’s the new sound. I’m going to be blowing a lot of minds ‘cause I’m not going to be doing something you have heard from me already. I’m going to be doing something different and special”.

We can’t wait



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