After the great war of the artists between Simi and Samkelf, No one has dared to step into the frame to make comments until recently. On Sunday, the 7th of March, Samklef took to his twitter page to sexualize fellow musician “Tems”.

The popular music producer said ” Everybody can’t wait to see Tems Yansh. Me self dey wait who dey wait with me”.

This definitely hit Simi hard who came out to say ” Wtf is going on “. These led to a series of insults fired from the two musicians.

After two weeks of spite and mayhem, K-solo has come out to back SamKlef’s reckless comments. The award wining producer took to his social media platforms to reprimand Simi for her reply SamKlef. He said

What if Samklef and Tems were actually close pals and that is how they communicate? I think Simi shouldn’t have jumped at that. That tweet from Samklef had been on the thread for hours. Nobody picked any offence from it. But immediately Simi picked that matter up, it became a problem. This is the industry, there is a particular way we joke with ourselves. “It’s like someone seeing Waje and saying ‘Omo this your backyard e bad’. It’s what we joke about as friends. But when some people like to take things to the extra mile, it becomes an issue

What do you think is right Samklef or Simi.



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