Queen Idibia is back at the top of the headlines. The Nigerian actress has been dazzling her fans on screen in recent years. However, Anne has not caught our attention for being on screen. Mars Idibia as had some wisdom to share with her adoring fans.

She wrote some words of encouragement o her Instagram story. The 36 year old advised her fans and followers to stop feeling entitled. She said

“If you wait for everything to be handed over to you, you gon wait a long time. You’re going to grow bitter, envy, and mad for no good reason towards the people putting in the work, working hard every single day. Feeling entitled to another person’s sweat is the biggest form of laziness. “Learn and apply. stop dragging ‘you’ down. Grab every single opportunity that comes your way. Don’t feel entitled for it to be handed over to you. Just grab it and make the best out of it. Watch your life flourish“.

Do Agree with Annie’s argument ?

Annie has come a long way from her appearance in Tufaces’ “African Queen” to becoming a full blown actress in Nollywood.

2021 encompasses the spirit of motivational speaking



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