Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu has been this gist on the streets in the past few hours. That’s right Oluwa Burna took to social media too share his on the standards of American rapp as compared to one starlet. The Grammy’s award winner was very vocal on the subject.

The “Alarm Clock” crooner belives that popular South African rap king Nasty C has no match in the USA. This was all found in an instagram interview he had earlier on Sunday, the 4th of July. This happened to be America’s independence. When asked about his thoughts on all African music being tagged as Afrobeats, he said “Yeah, everything is not afrobeats. Nasty C is a rapper. And because he’s from Africa now, you’re going to say afrobeats? Nah, he’s a rapper.

He went on to compare Nasty C with his American counterparts and said “Brah, I’ll put my money on Nasty C over almost any American rapper.” You all heard our Giant of Africa. Drake, JayZ, Chance the Rapper amongst others have a lot to learn from Nasty C. That’s a big statement coming from the Afrobeats super star.

The 24 year old rapper is definetley a talent. At his age he is alreay a record producer. He also collaborated with Davido for the 2016 hit song “Coolest Kid in Africa.

Do you think Nasty C can backup Burna Boy’s words? Leave a comment down below.



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