Kahli Abdu and VHS Safari
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Kahli Abdu and VHS Safari is an afro-electro group/band formed in Brooklyn, NY and currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. The group is comprised of artist Kahli Abdu, born in Jos, and production duo VHS Safari, consisting of David and Will, childhood friends who grew up together in Washington D.C.
Since playing their first show together in New York in August, 2014, the group has performed over 20 shows around the U.S., released 4 music videos, and released their debut album A.R.T. Project in January 2015.
OkayAfrica wrote that the “album spans an array of eclectic songs, all engaging.”
Kahli Abdu & VHS Safari completed A.R.T. Project during a long, cold winter in Brooklyn, working in their basement studio while dreaming of taking their music to warmer places. Kahli’s experiences and musical inspiration from Nigeria are a driving force on the album – at times deliberate and other times more subtle having influenced VHS Safari’s production style.
The group blends 90’s hip hop beats and indie pop synthesizers with rhythms, beautiful melodies, guitar and driving percussion heard in music from Africa. Kahli’s combination of rapping and singing tie everything together with personal stories, and meaningful observations on the beauty and struggles in the world.
On May 5th 2015 Kahli, David, and Will embarked on a journey to Lagos, Nigeria. The group has been working closely with Chocolate City music to increase exposure in Kahli’s homeland and through out the rest of Africa. Very exciting collaborations are on the horizon, and the group is also starting work on their second album.
When performing live, Kahli Abdu and VHS Safari electronically trigger samples of guitars, synthesizers and more, with live drums and touches of other live instrumentation.



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