is the African Entertainment hub for the hottest new artists emerging across the Nations of Africa. Our goal for this platform is to create a springboard for recording artists, music producers, models, DJs, videographers, photographers and creators alike across the continent .

itembo users will have the chance to discover, stream, download and share African music from almost every genre. With a wealth of new created content being added every single day there are limitless possibilities for you to discover, share and enjoy content from the brightest talents that the entire continent has to offer.

Itembo is completely free to join and easy to use for artists who are interested in making their big break. We offer a platform that can be available worldwide to videographers, photographers, DJs, recording artists, music producers and more. This promotions platform focuses in on artist development and it’s possible to actually watch artists as they continue to grow their portfolio and capture worldwide attention.

Itembo offers a number of featured artist as well as the ability to share content throughout social media, on websites and all over the world. If you are an artist or creative individual that is currently working in Africa, Itembo could be a beautiful way that you could share your portfolio with the world as well as expose your talents to a worldwide market of talent seekers.

Discoverers and users can access this platform from anywhere in the world and potentially find the next big act or creative individual that could lend the perfect voice or creative talents to their project.

We hope that Itembo can act as a launching point for some of the most celebrated and creative individuals across Africa. We are excited to take this journey with our discoverers and creators!




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