Yemi Alade has been a real hit in recent years and has taken her work to the international scene on many occasions. She is popularly known as “Mama Africa” for her interesting use of high energy coupled with Afro-pop. She recently came on her twitter page to announce that her new album will be coming out this month. Her comments were met by @ayowiz16 who has little to no praise for the Afro-pop sensation. He said “But for real, I’ve never heard anyone say play me that new Yemi Alade, na only for T.V we dey remember say she still exist”

Yemi Alade chose to shut down this clout chaser the way she knows how. Yemi said “Beg God for your own blessings period.”

This comes after the singer performed at a virtual TED global launch hosted by American columnist John Bryne.



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