Simisola Kosoko is the hot topic on our ever thirsty lips. The Afros fusion star has been serving us over the years with mind blowing singles and world-changing albums.

Simi isn’t hitting the headlines for her music today. The ‘Joromi’ has taken to women’s right in recent weeks. In an interview with notjustokay, Simi took her stance as a Feminist.

Her interviewer , Bamise Oyetayo said

You’re not only a leading voice but a vocal one as well and you never fail to say things as is, what motivates this stance and would you call yourself a feminist?”

Simi replied ” Yes, I am a feminist, I believe that women should have equal rights and should be treated fairly and right and have the same opportunities to succeed and fail.”

Our interviewer seemed to be more interested in the influence her marriage has on her stance on Feminism . Oyetayo asked ” You’ve been married for two years now, would you say it’s been easier to navigate sexism especially since you married an entertainer as well?”

Simi replied

“I think it’s a different brand of sexism sometimes because people do things and they don’t even realise it. Being a woman, first of all, is already a problem and then there are instances of restaurants where they say you can’t come inside without a man because they assume you’re a prostitute. “

In recent weeks, Simi has taken to the defence of her sisters in society. Most recently, she bashed fellow entertainer, Samclef for Sexualizing Tems.

Simisola is showing her fans that we can use our platforms to fight the good fight. Well done girl.



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