One question that has been trending for the past decade is “Why did P-Square Break up?”. The dynamic duo were breaking hearts and chasing dreams back in 2005. Peter and Paul came into the scene fresh with innovation, creativity and source.

The twins were a hit that only looked like getting bigger. However, in 2016, it was reported on various news platforms that Peter submitted a letter of Termination, signifying the end of an Era. The “Do Me” crooners are still remembered by the P-Square faithful’s as legends.

On Sunday the 21st of March, Mr P went on his Instagram live session to clap back at fans who said the duo would have won a Grammy if they were still together. The veteran artist said “For those trying to troll us, if it is painful for you, it’s not painful for us. You guys don’t matter anymore. Let me say it openly, if you are a P-Square angry fan, you guys don’t matter anymore. It’s not about you guys anymore, it’s about us. Go and deal with your sour. Don’t let me hit on you guys because you guys don’t even deserve it. Because you guys are among the people that contributed to the break-up. Two brothers doing their own thing, you try to say one is better than one. Una don get wetin una want“.

We know the artists need their space to live their lives but sometimes the fans need their fix. We miss P-square.



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